Gruppenbild 2021

Jenano - The Schacher Group

Gruppenbild 2021
Image: Felix H. Schacher

We are part of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Macromolecular Chemistry de (IOMC) and the Jena Center of Soft Matter de (JCSM, founded in November 2010) within the Chemistry and Earth Sciences Faculty of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. We are also part of the collaborative research centers "PolyTargetExternal link" (SFB 1278 - from July 2017) and "CataLightExternal link" (TRR 234 - from July 2018 - can also be followed on twitterExternal link) and the DFG Forschergruppe "Adaptive Polymergele mit kontrollierter NetzwerkstrukturExternal link" (FOR2811, since 2019).

We are interested in the self-assembly and application of polymeric materials at different length scales from 1 nm up to several µm. This involves the synthesis and characterization of innovative and functional polymers and block copolymers. To achieve this, we utilize different polymerization techniques, ranging from conventional free radical to ionic methods.

Our Research activities have been featured in one Nano & Materials Technology Issue of ResearchMedia. The article can be accessed hereExternal link.

You find us located in Lessingstraße 8, 1st floor (Offices) and 2nd/3rd floor (Laboratories).

Technikum Optik Technikum Optik Image: Felix H. Schacher